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Betsy's Barn Welcomes You

Bash at the Barn

If you would like to join us on the weekend of July 10th and 11th, we will be hosting our second annual Bash at the Barn event.  The event will include things like helping around that farm, cleaning, organizing, playing with the animals, We will also be doing other activities around the farm.  If you are wanting to come and take in a visit to meet us and our animals, that will be the best time. 


Betsy and all her animal friends are looking for some help.

Here at The Barn we are needing to drill a new water well to give all 60 plus animals the fresh water they need. Right now Mitch and Charissa are limping along our current well which is around 60 years old right now. And it is currently full of rust and other black sediment that has came in through the years. To help the well along, we have been hauling water from town on weekends when we are not filling our full time job positions. Which has became a lot more work than we thought. But it has to be done to make sure our kids all have what they need.

So, we are needing to drill a new well come this spring and that will fix our issues. With that, we will be adding a new holding tanks for the water in case we ever loose electricity, we can ensure the animals still have plenty of fresh cold water. We are hoping to start this project as soon as the ground is thawed enough to dig as we really do not know how much longer we have.

So please consider any amount of a donation. Nothing is too small, in fact if each of our followers gave a couple bucks, we would be at our goal in no time.

Thank you and God Bless Mitch and Charissa

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By clicking below, you can checkout our new shirt store.  Items will be added in time but please get a nice shirt and help out our animals for the summer needs.


Betsy's Barn Pig Rescue is a 501c3 organization operating as a non-profit organization specifically dedicated to promoting and supporting the rescue & care of mini pigs and other farm animals by providing the compassion, commitment and companionship they deserve.Like many others, one day at a local fair I bought a pot belly piglet because she was cute. She was feisty and didn't want anything to do with human interaction, except for our dachshund, Brandy, who thought the piglet was her baby. We named her Betsy. Everyday was a new adventure with her, learning, laughing and loving. We soon decided that we wanted to help out more so we decided to adopt. That's when Bootsie and Willie came into our lives. And I guess you can say that this is how we got started. Knowing the need for a place for unwanted animals, not just mini pigs, even though that is our main focus.Our mission is to provide education to the public on humane treatment of animals, rehabilitate those that are neglected or abused, and re-home those that are adoptable. To provide a place of refuge for those animals in need.We are always in need of volunteers to come and socialize our residents, help with barn duties, and other projects. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out!

Summer Volunteers

Are you looking at helping at a great local shelter.  Well let us tell you, helping at a Betsy's Barn is like no other shelter around.  Mostly because the animals are the best.  But also, because the animals are PIGS!!!!  But we also cannot forget about the other animals, you know, that goats, horses, chickens, ducks and turkeys.  So, if you're looking at helping out, we are currently taking volunteers on weekends and up to 6 at a time.  So please, if you're interested in coming help clean stalls and barns, or just hanging out and spending time with the animals, let us know.  You can message us here or find us on Facebook.

Did you know that mom and dad would get about $150 to help towards the expenses of taking care of me and all my friends here, just by you and your friends ordering 10 sets of these Fantastic Bowl sets?!

It has this silly handle with a hole in it, that mom sticks her thumb through to hold it, when she uses it.

Then she uses that noisy thing to mix stuff up, she says that these bowls have a special texture on the inside so it doesn't get all scratched up with that mixer thingy!!

Really mom?! We don't care about that, we just like how many treats them big ones hold!!

Maybe you could find something else if you don't need big bowls for treats!! Remember 25% of everything goes to help me and my friends.

Thank you for helping support us!

Love, Porky

Here is mommas link:

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